Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Okinawa Horse Riding Club Co.,Ltd (The company) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information by obeying the law. Since we aim to gain the trust of the customers and respond to their social needs, after we acquire personal information, we try our best to ensure personal information is not misused.

Collecting Personal Information

Riders personal information will be limited to the minimum necessary for business interactions.

Usage and provision of personal information

In the cases of the list below, we may use and provide clients’ personal information.

  1. Responding to the customer’s inquiries to the company.
  2. Organizing transportation.
  3. Introducing travel goods, services and campaigns of the company or our allied companies.
  4. Analyzing data from customer questionnaires.
  5. For customers who made inquires about the company to inform them about our services, the company use personal information or provide them to our allied companies.
    Personal information may also be used for winners of campaigns: shipping information, contact details etc.
  6. In our program, when the customer’s behavior violates the company’s regulations or brings the riding club into disrepute through their actions, we reserve the right to waive this Privacy Policy.
  7. We will not disclose our clients’ personal information except in the cases described above and below.
    1. <1>With customer’s agreement
    2. <2>Disclosure and supply of statistical data when individual is not recognised.
    3. <3>Regarding law, when disclosure and supply are required.
    4. <4>To protect customers’ lives and bodies, even without the permission of customers.
    5. <5>In case of cooperation with the government or the public organizations’ public affairs, even with the customers agreements, if there is a possibility of destruction of our business.

Management of Personal Information

The company strictly manage and protect customers’ personal information. Also to protect against loss, destruction, illegal flow, manupulation and illegal access, we would maintain the company regulation and make rational safety measurement. If some problems happen, we would cope with them immediately.

The company will keep personal information related laws by and other rules abide by our promise.

Changing Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy on the company’s website may be changed due to changes in service. If this happens, a new privacy policy will be made.

Inquiries about Personal Information

When customers request corrections, renewal or deletion of the customers personal information, we will do our best to comply.

Inquiries regarding personal information:Okinawa Horse Riding Club Co., Ltd.