Horseback Riding in Okinawa

Various riding courses here. There are trekking courses to the beach, activities entering the ocean with horse, and courses that can be complete in a short time too. Small children can ride short course.

“Sea & Horse” is special. Open in summer, During June and October.

Multi language

There are leaflet, Shop card what is written in English and Chinese, Korean.

We will waiting your inquiries and reservations, From the contact form at the top of this page.

In the course to go out, instruct the operation of the horse. English conversation will be requested.

For safe and comfortable horse riding

Wearing long pants and sports shoes is encouraged.

Horse riding has height, weight and age restrictions. ex. Those who weigh 80 kg or more can not horse riding. Please refer to the bottom of the menu page for detailed conditions for riding.


Last update 2017/10/12


Weather 読谷村の天気
Weather 読谷村の天気